The withdrawal of the UK from the European Union will continue to have an impact on the fishing industry “for years to come”, that’s according to Ireland’s minister.

EU fisheries ministers have been meeting in Luxembourg to discuss key concerns.

In the Brexit deal, the UK and the EU agreed to carve up fishing quotas.

The system will be up for review in 2026.

Following complaints from fishermen and governments, the EU set up a special fund known as the Brexit Adjustment Reserve.

The biggest share of that fund – more than €1 billion – was assigned to Ireland.

The government has used part of that money to encourage Irish fishermen to give up and scrap their boats.

Now EU ministers have urged the European Commission to conduct a new study on the impact of Brexit on the EU fleet.

Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, welcomed the report which he says will look at the Common Fisheries Policy as a whole, as well as at quotas.