Five transport projects in Ireland have won European funding.

The EU will provide around €10 million towards future infrastructure upgrades.

The selected projects include:

  • A study into upgrading the Dublin-Cork rail line, including the Limerick branch
  • Cork Dockyard rejuvination (subject to an environmental impact assessment)
  • A study into doubling railway tracks between Dublin Connolly and Malahide
  • Funding towards the next stage of the N2 road upgrade in County Monhaghan
  • Developing Roslarre Europort with a view to providing the port with infrastructure for offshore wind

The projects are all part of a network of routes identified as a priority by the Irish government and European Union.

Ireland is only receiving a small fraction of the €6.2 billion in new funding.

Most of the money is going to projects in eastern Europe, including €250 million to improve cross-border connections between Ukraine, Moldova and the EU.

More details on the selected Irish projects and the allocated EU funding: