EP Plenary session - Voting session

The chances of Ireland being assigned an additional seat in the European Parliament are “diminishing” – that’s according to an EU diplomat closely involved in the process.

Ireland currently has 13 members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

Last week, parliament voted to increase the number of seats for eight member states.

Under its proposals, Ireland would take one extra seat. A number of other smaller countries would also get one more. Spain would get two.

But the final decision must be agreed unanimously by the leaders of the 27 governments of the EU.

And they are split on whether or not to support the proposals.

An EU diplomat now says that with time running out, the difference of opinion is too great.

In his view, the most likely scenario is for the status quo to remain.

Changing the composition of the European Parliament would require some countries to change their national laws.

The European elections have been scheduled for 6-9 June 2024.